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What to Expect

On every visit to the dispensary, please bring your Medical Marijuana Card and the ID you used to register for your card. If it’s your first visit, our friendly team will assist you in registering as a new patient and checking in. You can also preregister as a new patient here by clicking the button below.

You always have the option to speak to a registered pharmacist or dispensary agent about your qualifying condition and medical cannabis, including the different forms and administration, dosing, onset and duration times, and much more.

Want to talk to a pharmacist? Schedule a consultation.

How to Order

Want your order at a scheduled pickup time? We are happy to take orders by phone and online for in-store pick-up, or drive-thru in Columbus, even for your first order.

Prefer to place an order in person? Visit us during business hours to place an order directly with a knowledgeable patient assistant.

Daily Deals

Amplify runs the best deals in the state with new products and promotions every day. Check the menu for the latest, and sign up for our newsletter for extra special drops and deals. Discounts stack!

Payment Methods

Amplify accepts cash transactions and ATMs are available on site at both locations. Please note that the ATM fee is $2.75.

Now accepting Spendr! Earn rewards for buying the products you love. Download the Spendr app here. 

Standing Discounts

We offer a 20% discount on all products to registered veterans, patients with indigent status, and OMMCP badged employees. Veteran’s, Indigent, & OMMCP Employee discounts are stackable with ongoing promotions. Learn how to register with veteran and indigent status here.

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Rewards Points!

Patients automatically receive rewards points on every purchase! Points are redeemable for hardware and seasonal rewards which may include swag, local experiences, gift certificates and more. Ask our team about current seasonal rewards.

Redeemable Hardware

AiroSport Battery: 600 pts

AiroPro Battery: 1,500 pts

Amplify Grinder: 600 pts

Amplify Dab Tool: 420 pts

BR Luster Battery: 1,500 pts

G Pen Dash: 4200 pts

G Pen Roam: 9000 pts

G Pen Elite II: 12000 pts

KR-1 Vape: 4,200 pts

Mini Nail: 18,000 pts

Utilian Dry Herb Vaporizer: 3,300 pts

Yocan Orbit: 3,600 pts